Dates Energy Syrup
For growing children
And everyone in a family
Health and Beauty providing syrup
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An ultimate Health 7 Beauty Food Date fruit is as similar as medicine for diabetes, Rheumatics, vermicide, menstrual complaints. Also good for constipation, phlegm, anemia. Taking date fruit proportionally with goat milk is advised for sexual potentiality and stability of body. And if it is taken daily in pergancy period, the on growing infants in womb get much more health and beauty as they are born.

(MalayalaManorama daily – Arogyam Special)

Nutritious items                   Body intake utility
Carbohydrates                     for Energetic, stamina, smartness For blood generation and purifying
Minerals                                for healthy and growth of bones
Vitamins                                for strong muscles, And fairness of skin, eyes and hair
Protein                                   for control cholesterol

GEEYES DATES ENERGY SYRUP. No artificial or chemical added to increase colour, flavour or taste. It is so natural. The syrup is contained nothing but Date fruit. The certification by the Kerala Govt through Sample testing is kept 100% throughout the production and sale.