Problems related to excessive weight gain are commonplace as we tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle and have unhealthy eating habits.People who put on weight easily tend to envy thin people as they associate thinness with glamour and sex appeal.
Are you overweight and wish to become slim smart and healthy .Here is a simple and easy way to lose weight.Geeyes Slim Food Supplement is specially made with the extract of vegetables that keeps fat and bad cholostrol away from your body.This product is designed to meet your nutritional needs.
Ingredients:Carrot,Radish,Beetroot,Kovai fruit,Garlic,OnionGinger,Cardomom,Dates
Dates Date is a fruit which is a natural complement of enriched nutrition and medicinal value. About 75% of nutrition required for a human body is vested in the fruit. It promotes health both to liver and lungs. It also accelerates power to veins and strengthens. It is a good natural treatment for stimulating sexual potentiality. Date accelerate growth. It is also good for expectant mothers and aged ones and T.B. and heart patience.
It accelerates digestion. Contractibility of heart is geared up. Menstrual blood quantity is increased and periodicity is regulated. Toxiic elements in the food is minimized and effective for skin diseases. It is recommendable for anemia in children.
Reduces obesity of body. It controls troubles due to arthritis. Regulates menstrual cycles. Reduce hyper blood pressure and kills vermin in stomach.
It is only a food but also a good medicine It accelerate digestion process. Also stabilizes liver function. Radish is good for urinal complaints in general and jaundice.
Kovai fruit.
Including it in the daily menu is suggestive for increasing immunity to body.It generally promotes health to brain, heart and kidney. It discards unwanted sediments from the body. Very good for diabetics.
it has treatment value for heart complaint, contracting blood vein, and anemia, skin and sight defects, stone in urinal bladder, constipation and Diarrhea, obesity. Carrot controls indigestion problems
Widely discussed in food nutrition science, Nutriment is much contained in the vegetable item. It has such capacity in removing sediments out of body metabolism and helps us in removing blood blocks in heart and brain system.
Reduces diseases of arthritis and phlegm, dis- tastes, indigestion Vomiting and cholesterol. Ginger is keeping mouth fresh and free from bad smell.